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ECOPOMEX : Green Developer Pumice Specialist

What is Pumice ?

Industrial Mineral : Pumice, is a material that forms by the sudden cooling of porous volcanic lava. When a volcanic eruption occurs, during rapid solidification of lava, chemical magma vapors trapped within the pumice, finding no time to crystallize due to sudden cooling, is released suddenly and forms its unique porous structure. This formation which is named pumice provides lots of commercial benefits such as described under areas used.

About Us

ECOPOMEX, is a private company based in Monaco. The mining activity is carried out in Turkey. The production is marketed on water filtration , construction, agriculture and the environmental sectors.

In 2022 our company upgraded to EcoVadis Bronze medal status

Industrial Application


Pumice stone is perfect material for water filtration. Pumice is used for filtering of water after chemical treatment.


Thanks to its lightweight and the heat and sound insulation characteristics of the aggregates , it is an ideal material in construction.


Pumice is an ideal growing medium for plants. It comprises of more than 70 % empty space.