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ECOPOMEX : Green Developer Pumice Specialist

R & D - Others Development
Industrial Application

Oil Spill Response: This is one of our biggest and ambitious R&D Project.
. It can respond to clean the hydrocarbon pollution from the water surface. This pumice-based product is first processed in quarry with special sieving and elimination, then it is made hydrophobic by high temperature thermal process.
. It adsorbs hydrocarbons successfully. Thanks to its very low density, this special product does not sink into water even though its capacity is filled with hydrocarbons. Also, this product does not release also the adsorbed hydrocarbons.
. First the product is developed as an adsorbent, then we figure out that the product could be used as an IN-SITU BURNING supporting product
. Famous and valuable organizations supported our R&D project (IFP, CEDRE, INERIS, TOTAL, SUEZ……)

Without Ecopomex Pumice

With Ecopomex Pumice

With Ecopomex Pumice

With Ecopomex Pumice

Abrasive : To polish the MARBRE, ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT, THE TEETH SURFACE and other related areas.

Odor Treatment: Pumice, is coated by treatment agents, by embedding bacteria or build as a filter, is used to clean polluted air.

Filler : In areas such as sound-insulating wall paint, primer paste correction for motif paint, traffic road, paint filler.