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ECOPOMEX : Green Developer Pumice Specialist

Environment & Sustainability

Especially reducing the carbon footprint is the biggest contribution that can be given to the world in terms of protecting the environment.

The methods we use in the production of our products are the methods in which the carbon dioxide emission is minimum.

We are improving ourselves to use cleaner production techniques, searching for environmental control technologies and using waste as raw material, we reduce the amount of waste produced through process engineering.

If customers prefer our products, they utilize an eco-friendly product that can be recycled and they significantly decrease their energy costs.

Our products are manufactured by using minimum energy requirements.

We use less water and recycle that water in our pumice purification facilities. There is no waste water or water discharge in mining and production activities.

Our mining activities are done environmentally. We prefer open-pit mining. We carefully pick up the top soil and store till the end of activity. Once we finish the activity, we lay down the top soil that we removed. It become ready for agricultural activities.

We prefer environmentally friendly energy sources such as electricity and LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) in production. We use machines and equipment that consume low energy.

Our environmental key words; Zero waste. Less CO2 emissions. Recyclable. Increasing environmental index of customers.

Ecological Comparison Pumice vs Expanded Clay