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ECOPOMEX : Green Developer Pumice Specialist

Water Filtration
Industrial Application
ECOPOMEX Pumice Advantages

Efficient filtration,

Lower back wash requirement than other filter media,

Lower water and energy consumption,

Harder and more durable material,

Unchanged treatmant efficiency during filtration,

Doesn't contain hazardous materials; safe usage,

Larger surface area,

Rapid biomass growth,

Reduced surplus sludges,

Competitive price,

It's suitable for Dual Media and Multi Media Filters

Differents Products According the Usage

Effective Size : From 0,063 to 16 mm,

Bulk Density : From 400 kg / m³ to 700 kg / m³,

Satureted and Surface Dried Particle Density : 1200 to 1400 kg /m³,

Porosity : Average 70 %,

Hardness : 6 Mohs,

Conform to NF EN 12906 & 12902,


Water Filtration

Water Filtration

Water Filtration