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ECOPOMEX : Green Developer Pumice Specialist

About Us

ECOPOMEX was founded in Monaco in 2007 to develop innovative products with pumice stone in international markets

Conducts commercial activities targeted at water filtration, construction, agriculture and the environmental sectors.

ECOPOMEX is a private company , managed by a board of 4 directors.

Milestones Of Our Company

1984: The beginning of Turkish pumice mining by our group of companies

1992: Strategic partnership with a subsidiary company of the French government agency BRGM

1993: Worldwide market leader of the supply to textile sector (stonewash)

1993: The start of pumice supply to the construction industry

1994: Entry into the Filtration sector

2007: Partnership with the Monaco government agency SACDE to develop innovative products

2008: Launch of the PONCEBLOC brand in the construction industry

2017: Acquisition of all investor shares by founders

2018: Start of work in the agriculture sector


Mining: Nevsehir and Kayseri Region in Turkey

Production: Nevşehir and Mersin Region

Administrative and Sales: Monaco, Paris and Turkey

Production Organization
Mining Activites

Extraction in open air quarry

Sieving and purification

Drying pumice

Activities all made by the group company Ecopomex


ECOPOMEX directly owns the production facility for the high value product

Production team : 3 engineers, 14 experienced blue collars

Production facility : 6.000 m² covered area

Laboratories facility : Full equipment for daily control of the production

Quality Control Management

Daily control : Density- Water content- Grain size distribution (d10,d60,d90,Cu)

Periodic Control : Chemical & Physical Composition

Special Management of Big Projects

Jumbo-Project management experience

Close communication and reporting